Hi! I am Victoria Gatti

UX / UI designer with a background in journalism. +5 years of work experience in user interviews, user research, and team coordination that helped me in my journalism career and are now essential for product design. My goal is to make an impact with my work. Through practical, accessible, and aesthetic design I want to inspire others and send the right message. That is why I strongly believe in every product I work with.

Case Study: Dutch Museum Gift Shop

In this case study I tell you what this process consisted of with the Dutch Museum Gift Shop, a client with whom we worked for two months to create a new design and improve the usability of an online shopping platform that collaborates with 17 museums in and around Amsterdam.

Enough toxic positivity, APPETITE is here

I feel like a copywriter from the 50s in Mad Men when they used to write those catchphrases and Don Draper would come and yell at you like there was no tomorrow. Welcome to this new case study.

Redesigning WTP!: A Case Study

What does WTP refer to? A makeover is always a challenge, but asking to redesign the site of an acquaintance, that’s another type of pressure. Welcome to another Case Study where we worked on the redisign of What the pow! web, our client for this third project of Ironhack UX/UI Design Bootcamp.

Rent a car and buy a hand mixer…

Wait, what? What does a wireframing project have to do with a mixer? Welcome to my second Ironhack Challenge before the bootcamp starts.